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Olive Moleskin Hunting Trousers 503

The Olive Moleskin hunting trousers (Mod 503) are perfect for shooting, hunting, outdoor sports and walking use. Utilising the popular German Army original moleskin fabric, the trouser cut is updated in the German huntsman style with botton waist, zip fly and curved hip pockets. The trousers feature a Cordura nylon reinforcement layer on the front of both legs from lower thigh to ankle front which is internally coated for water and dust resistance. This layer is ideal for protecting the front of the legs from scuffs and abrasions, and also helps to protect the trouser knees which tend to take most of the punishment during outdoor activity. The trousers feature an elasticated waist back for a more adaptable fit on the back of the waist. Two rear back pockets are provided, with two flat rivet reinforcement points per pocket. The right leg has one expandable cargo pocket with internal magazine, tool or pen pockets. The cargo pocket closes with a flap which is buttoned down left and right with 1 inch slotted buttons. The waist features belt loops to take an 1 inch belt. Designed and manufactured by the original German Army contract manufacturer, this is an updated version of a classic, with enhancements to improve performance and comfort.

Available options are: 31R , 33R , 35R , 35L , 37R , 37L , 39R , 39L , 40R , 42R , 44R .

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large image no1

Rear of trousers, showing the elasticated waist band and the rear pockets. Also shown is the right side cargo pocket.

large image no2

Side view of trousers, showing the right leg cargo pocket in full along with the side of the Cordura reinforced thigh and lower leg.

large image no3

Closer view of the cargo pocket, showing the special knife or tool pocket above the leg pocket. The leg pocket also has an internal pocket for tools, thin magazines or mini torches.

large image no4
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What our customers say about this product:

I use these superb trousers for country walks, rough shooting, wildlife-watching and gardening, usually, with the trouser-leg bottoms tucked military-style above high-leg boots.
The 503s are made from 100% cotton German military moleskin a durable, utilitarian material made from very fine, tightly woven rows of thread. It feels similar to strong denim, rather than the soft moleskin of conventional country trousers. Whilst the nylon Cordura of the front over-panels isn't waterproof, it is water resistant and provides some protection from rain showers and wet undergrowth (and helps to thwart brambles, nettles and thorns etc). As such, unless the weather is particularly bad, the 503s provide a more comfortable and breathable alternative to over-trousers or leggings.
Colour-wise, the moleskin is a green-grey-brown (it appears to change in different light), and it contrasts subtly with the olive brown-green of the Cordura. These shades blend in very well in typical UK countryside. Expect a mild fading of the moleskin in the first wash, and a slight shrinkage (quarter to half an inch off the waist); but don't be concerned because sizing is generous, and besides, the elastic around the rear waistband will adjust to you. The trousers can be washed at 60degC, but should not be tumble-dried. The six belt loops easily take belts of widths up to 1 and three quarter inches. The hip pocket linings are curved at the front and vertical at the back, great for preventing items such as coins from falling out when you're seated. However, these two pockets are rather shallow, six inches at best.
Overall, I'm delighted with my 503s. They're warm (but not sweaty), comfortable, hard wearing and a good fit. And, at about a third the price of equivalent trousers from many leading country sports brands, they represent excellent value for money. Highly recommended. - Submitted by J. Forrester

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