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Olive LK Defender 2 Combat Trousers

The olive LK Defender 2 Combat trousers are a highly developed combat trouser designed for active shooting, tactical and professional operations use. The trousers are made from lightweight ripstop poly-cotton base with a colour coordinated breathable crepe gusset and lower back for comfort. The hip pockets are positioned for ease of access from the front, with belt loops above featuring an extra loop for carabiner or lanyard to prevent loss of contents. The cargo pockets are positioned on the front thigh; the right side pocket has a smaller internal pocket, and the left side one is closed with zip. The bottom of the cargo pocket is reinforced with a double layer of fabric. A wallet pocket is positioned on the rear. High specificiation D30 armoured kneepads are positioned on the front with velcro tabs to the rear to enable the kneepads to be tightened over the knee. The trousers feature four zippered vents, two on the upper thigh and two on the lower leg. With the zips open, the breathable mesh inside allows excess heat to vent out without letting in larger insects and larger dirt particles. The lower leg is reinforced with an extra layer of fabric on the inside ankle and a quick blousing strap is attached with press studs on the ankle hem. The hip area is shaped to allow for ease of movement in and out of standing to kneeling to prone. A high quality trouser that combines well thought out features together with action and movement features to improve performance and comfort. Sizes M (32-35in), L (36-39in) and XL (40-42in). Olive colour is similar to the Vietnam OG-107 rather than khaki.

Available options are: M , L , XL .

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large image no1

Side view of trousers showing the crepe breathable section on the lower back. Also shown are the velcro tabs for tightening up the kneepads around the knees.

large image no2

The rear of the trousers. There is a seat pocket for wallet. The hips are widened for flexibility.

large image no3

The inside of the right side pocket has an internal pocket.

large image no4

The left side pocket closes with a zip.

large image no5

The side vents open with zip and are mesh backed.

large image no6

The lower legs also have side vents and a quick fasten blousing strap is located on the outside.

large image no7

Just in view is the crepe gusset which extends from the knee, up into the crotch and over to the other knee. This reduces the amount of stress placed on one gusset point and helps to make the area more breathable.

large image no8

The waist has a double button closing and zip fly.

large image no9

The lower legs have an extra layer of fabric sewn internally to reinforce the insides of the ankles.

large image no10
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