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Pencott Greenzone Operator Combat Smock

The Operator Combat Smock in Hyde Definition original Pencott Greenzone is a fully featured, operator designed combat jacket. The smock is constructed from the top grades of material available in genuine Hyde Definition Pencott Greenzone, such as vat dyed NYCO ripstop fabric, with reinforcements on elbows in 1000D Cordura. The jacket features two bulgy chest pockets, two zip up dump pockets, four bulgy waist pockets, one large bulgy seat pocket. The waist tightens with drawstring and the hem also has a drawcord for tightening around the seat to keep out draughts. The elbows are reinforced with cordura and can open to accept padding. The upper arms also have pockets; the left is a flat document or ID pocket and the right is a bulgy pocket suitable for field dressing. The hood has a high collar to prevent draughts from entering from the neck area. It is wired around the top and can be retained with a velcro strip on the back of the head to prevent the front from dropping over the eyes when prone . A drawstring with plastic cord retainer on either end keeps the hood tight around the head. The cuffs close with velcro. The upper arms have velcro for insignia or identification patches. Velcro name tape strips are also on the front of the jacket above the chest pockets. Long double zippers are located in the armpit areas that allow the jacket to be unzipped from either arm or side of body for ventilation. The front of the jacket has a button and velcro baffle to keep out draughts, as well as a double chunky zipper for opening the jacket. Underneath the baffle is a zip opening to allow easy access to shirt or fleece chest pockets. All buttons are 25mm diameter slotted buttons for easier operation. Made by German contractor to same specifications as KSK and German Special Forces smocks. Sizes are M (Euro 48-50 - 100cm chest), L (Euro 52-54 - 110cm chest and XL (Euro 56-58 - 120cm chest).

Available options are: M , L , XL .

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large image no1

Close up of zippers for left and right dump pocket. The open zipper is the one to allow for access to the shirt underneath.

large image no2

The underarm ventilation zipper

large image no3

The wired hood has a high collar and drawstrings to retain shape and fit tightly around the head

large image no4

The rear pocket and right arm pocket. The 1000D Cordura elbow patch is also visible.

large image no5

The rear of the jacket showing the hood up. The rear of the hood has a velcro tab to help keep the hood from falling forward when wearer is prone.

large image no6

The left arm showing document pocket on arm.

large image no7

The inside of the jacket. The internal chest pockets open with zippers, and the waist drawstrings are adjusted here. Please note that the model is wearing another Pencott Greenzone shirt underneath which is is not included with the jacket.

large image no8
PNCCS2NANew149.95Qty Size/Opt Add

What our customers say about this product:

Ordered with a gulp at the 150 GBP cost....! speedy delivery, and once I tried it on and had a good look over the smock I can see the quality of it- love the 4 lower pockets and rear seat pocket(could carry a poncho?), also inner seat compartments and 2 zippered inner chest compartments. There's clearly thought gone into the design, and the wired hood is perfect size wise and behaves itself when you shape it it stays there. I give it 10/10...may immerse it in that waterproofer for poly/cotton from nikwax to give it a bit more waterproofing. I'm after the matching 85 operator trousers and the same jacket in A-TACS FG now!!! This (LK)is far superior to many other manufacturers kit, take my word for it. I'm 5'7" and a 44" chest, fits perfectly in "L" and room for a fleece etc below. - Submitted by Barry C

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