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Pencott Greenzone Helikon CPU Trousers

The Helikon Camogrom CPU (combat patrol uniform) trousers incorporate the tactical features of ACU and SFU pattern trousers to offer enhanced performance. Made in Hyde Definition original Pencott Greenzone 50/50 Nylon Cotton Ripstop, the CPU trousers have the slanted lid cargo pocket with three pleat design of the ACU, along with the shock cord and toggle pocket top. The knees open with velcro to accept padding and an expandable lower leg pocket is also to be found in a similar way to the ACU trousers. The CPU trousers additionally have a watch or small utility pocket on both left and right thighs between the hip pocket and cargo pocket. The belt loops have an overhanging loop for attaching a carabiner or lanyard. The left and right sides feature side adjustment tabs like the SFU trousers, instead of drawstring. The cargo leg pocket flaps have the corners tucked away and finished neatly like SFU trousers for a neater appearance. The trousers are designed to complement the CPU shirt and offer a similar shape to the ACU uniforms with improvements to design and appearance. Pencott Greenzone is a highly effective camouflage in woodland and grass, combining digital pixellation with dynamically layered patterning. Sizes M (90cm, 35in waist), L (100cm, 39in waist), XL (110cm, 43in waist)

Available options are: M , L , XL .

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large image no1

Side view of the trousers showing leg pocket and lower leg pocket

large image no2

Rear view of trousers showing the side tabs, rear pockets and the adjustable toggles located to the rear of each leg pocket.

large image no3

What our customers say about this product:

I'd been waiting for Flecktarn.co.uk to take a look at the 'GREEN ZONE' from Hyde Definitions 'PenCott' range of camouflage since it became available .I wasn't disappointed.
Part of the PenCott range of patterns, the others being 'BADLANDS' designed for (semi-arid conditions) , 'SANDSTORM (arid) and 'SNOWDRIFT' (arctic). 'GREEN ZONE' is by far the most suited to a temperate environment. Composed of 4 colours in an Omni-directional pattern it sits in well with varied backgrounds in both wooded and low vegetation. HELIKON's CPU trousers in GREEN ZONE look well made and provide plenty of leg room, unlike some more 'fashionable' tight fitting offerings on the market. More than enough pockets for most operators demands, all apart from 2 'phone pockets' are buttoned and Velcro fastened. My only criticism would be the tape leg ties which I think would have been easier to undo if they were cord. I can live with it. This pattern and others from the PenCott range are now being used around the world by Military Special Operations teams and by Elite Police Units. Instead of a compromising 'do it all' pattern adopted by many countries ,PenCott are providing users 'local' environment specific patterns which will appeal to Special Operations units. You won't be disappointed in the most specific and innovative camouflage pattern(s) to become available for a long time . - Submitted by Grant

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