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Swiss Alpenflage Overalls

Made of strong 50/50 Polyester Cotton Twill, the genuine Swiss Army overalls in Alpenflage are one of the most effective camouflage patterns for UK woodland, heath and mountain regions. The camouflage is also known as TAZ 83 and bears a resemblance to German WW2 Liebermuster which is the genesis of other central european camouflage patterns besides Swiss alpenflage. The pattern is also jokingly referred to as pizza camo due to its tan background with light green and white flecks. The pattern is then overprinted with green, red or reddish brown an d black leaf shapes with a bright overall tone due to the use of red and green. This also makes the pattern more disruptive to the eye, helping to conceal the body shape better. In Switzerland, the popular name translates loosely as tutti-frutti pyjamas. The overalls feature: double central zipper; two zip open slash chest dump pockets, two zip open straight hip pockets with internal opening to trouser pockets beneath (if separate trousers are to be worn underneath), two zip open front-of-thigh pockets; one zip open upper arm pocket on the left arm; internal waist elastic for adjustment; zip open lower legs for ease of drawing over boots; four carabiners on points sewn onto front of chest and front of waist; 2 inch snap button loop on left chest for attaching of compass or other utility; internal drag handle with zip open access; collar concealing snap buttons to accept a hood (not sold with overalls); and zip open elasticated cuffs. The sizes run according to waist and inseam. Overalls are in good, used condition, with up to 50% fading, and all essential parts such as the central zipper fully functioning and intact. Overalls are extremely well suited to wear with webbing and tactical gear as they minimise the amount of layers building up stress points on the body, particularly on the waist and hips. Sizes: 4676 (36in waist, short leg), 5070 (39in waist, very short leg), 5076 (39in waist, short leg), 5082 (39in waist, regular leg), 5476 (42in waist, short leg), 5482 (42in waist, regular leg), 5882 (45in waist, regular leg)

Available options are: 36S , 36R , 39XS , 39S , 39R , 42S , 42R , 45R .

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large image no1

View of the suit from the back.

large image no2

Closeup of the front chest section, which include zip-close slant pockets and mini-clip carabiners for lanyards and keys or whistles, etc.

large image no3

Closeup of the front thigh section of the suit. These have zippable thigh pockets big enough for maps or notebooks.

large image no4

Side view showing the side hand pockets, elasticated waist line and zippered pockets on the arms. There are also extra mini-clip carabiners for attaching keys, torches, lanyards or other small items.

large image no5
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