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Mauser K98 Five Round Stripper Clip 5pc Set

Original K98 five round stripper clip to fit the Mauser k98 rifle. The clips are made of rust resistant soft steel with a sprung clip inside to hold the cartridges in place. Used condition, and may have some rust, but functionally sound. When loaded with five rounds, the clip is fitted into the breech and the rounds pressed into place in the magazine. This is a quicker way of reloading the rifle than inserting each round individually. The clip is removed and the bolt closed to chamber the round. The clips of ammo are pre-charged and stored in the ammo pouches. Three precharged clips fit into each WW2 leather German ammo pouch, or one per pocket of an original WW2 bandolier. The price is for a set of 5 clips, and no rounds.

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The clips with rounds. Please note rounds are not included in the price. A clip with five inert 7.92 rounds is available separately.

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