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Steel 8mm 7.92x57JS Inert Round

A single inert cartridge in 7.92 or 8mm Mauser x57 JS which is made from a Romanian, Russian, Yugoslavian or East German steel casing which has been refitted with a 200gr FMJ BT head. Steel cases were also used by the German Army in late WW2 due to the shortage of materials. The headstamps indicate either Sadu (Romanian) or simply 90 04 like plain numbered headstamps common in military issue AK rounds manufactured in East Germany and other Warsaw Pact countries. Heads are correctly fitted with a press and not hammered in place, so the round has a more authentic appearance over rounds where the heads have been inserted too deeply. Steel cased small arms ammunition may be of particular interest in a diorama featuring late German WW2 re-enactment, for example, for pairing with M43 or M44 uniforms and gear. Perfect for film, display, diorama or to add authenticity to a MG42, Gewehr 98 or Karabiner 98K. Please note that all rounds have no propellant or live primers. This is a deactivated 7.92 bullet. To restore a shiny finish, rub the cartridge with toothpaste or a commercial cleaner. Please note that price is for ONE round only. NB: All inert ammunition travelling OUTSIDE mainland UK must be shipped by international courier (eg TNT, DHL).

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The size of the round compared to a coin.

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