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.338 Winchester Magnum Inert Round Nickel

Part of the family of North American large hunting rounds, the .338 Winchester Magnum was developed in the 1940s and released in 1958 to be a professional ranger and guide round to protect against charging grizzly bear and other large dangerous animals. It remains highly popular in North America as a medium-bore round. The cartridge length, similar to a 30-06 round, makes it suitable for use in adapted long action rifles. The round expels a heavier weight .338 calibre bullet at approximately the same velocity as .30-06, which provides greater stopping power which is necessary for defence against class 3 dangerous animals - essential for guides, fishermen and hunters in Alaska and Canada. Copper FMJ bullet head has a small hollow point at the tip, hence its designation as HP. Cases are nickel plated to reduce corrosion when inserted into leather belts or cartridge retainers. Price is for ONE round only. Dulled rounds can be re-polished using metal polish or toothpaste. Rounds may only be sent by courier due to postage restrictions.

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The size of the round compared to a coin.

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