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.50 BMG Bullet FMJ with Inert Dummy Primer

Completely inert cartridge in .50 BMG or 12.7x99 which is assembled from deactivated and fired Nato stamped brass case, 650 grain FMJ ball bullet and an inert brass cup substitute in the primer pocket. Originally developed for anti-aircraft and anti-materiel purposes, this is one of the largest round still qualifying as a target round for civilian sports shooting. The inert brass cup is inserted into the primer pocket and gives the inert round the appearance of an unfired ammunition round. Ideal for photographing, filming and as part of an art display or diorama. Price is for ONE round only, fitted with an unindented primer. Rounds may only ship with courier. Coin is displayed for size comparison only.

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large image no1

A closer view of the base of the rounds, showing the inert dummy primer inserted at the bottom. The cases are stamped 'T', '16' and the Nato compass on the bottom.

large image no2

The size of one round compared with a coin.

large image no3
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