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Tigerstripe 65l Combat Rucksack

Based on the highly versatile milspec issue German Army rucksack, the Tigerstripe 65l combat rucksack is made from sturdy PU coated Nylon body and superb quality strapping and buckles. This top-loading rucksack is made from tactical nylon and features: two side pockets closed with an adjustable strap, main top loading compartment, map pocket on top of flap, zip up pocket accessible from above carrying handle, small velcro pocket in front of flap. The main compartment includes an integrated compression bag closed with a drawstring at both top and bottom. A large front pocket gives easy access to frequently used items. There is an aluminium rod through the top of the rucksack for stability over the shoulders and an internal pocket for the insertion of a German folding kip mat which provides stability for the back of the rucksack. The lower back has a sewn-in section of padding. Bottom of rucksack also zips open to allow for easy access to items located at the bottom of the main compartment of the rucksack, and can be used as a 'false-bottom' compartment in its own right for the carrying of items required for easy access. Rucksack opening and size is adjustable by means of four quick release clips; two which are designed to close the top-down flap, and two which are designed to compress or re-inforce the bottom of the rucksack. Shoulder straps are padded for comfort and are adjustable from hip to lower portion of shoulder strap, but also over the shoulder. Tensioning the upper adjustment allows the rucksack to be worn higher on the back, pushing the load ino a better carrying position instead of stressing the upper back only. An adjustable strap is provided around the hips which is opened with a fastex clip. Excellent value product with good carrying capacity.

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Straps on the rear including padded shoulder straps, upper shoulder double strap, carry handle, waist strap. All straps are adjustable for length.

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The zip pocket located in the lid can be reached from the body side of the rucksack for security.

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The top lid opened and pulled back to show the internal compression sack which keeps the contents of the top loader bag safe and resists damp and dust.

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The rucksack is turned upside down to show the quick access zip compartment at the bottom. The bottom of the pack also has a compression sack to keep contents separated.

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The size of the rucksack loaded to average capacity as shown on a model.

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