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US ACU Bulle MOLLE Fatback Utility Pouch

The Bulle US MOLLE fatback utility pouch is a horizontal utility pouch which zips open 50% of its sides and top for easier handling of contents without flaps, buckles or toggles. The fatback utility pouch measures 220mm wide, 150mm tall and 80mm deep which is the size of a typical wash bag, compressed Snugpak jacket or other general utilities. The advantage of a horizontally orientated pouch is that it can fit on the back of a belt order or MOLLE base which allows its fitting without interfering with leg movement. The pouch is also provided with MOLLE strapping on the front, sizes and bottom for attachment of additional small pouches or straps and bungees. The pouch zips open with a silent double zipper by YKK, fitted with pull cords and UTX Flex pull cord ends. These milspec parts make for minimum IR signature and rattle. The pouch sides have finger tabs to make pulling the zip pulls easier when operated on the back or the sides of the body. The pouch is fitted with two drainage holes on the bottom. The rear of the pouch comes with four button down MOLLE straps with additional horizontal MOLLE straps to enable the pouch to be interwoven onto the MOLLE base or fitted to a 2 inch (50mm) wide duty belt. An additional two free floating 125mm button down straps are provided with the pouch to enable it to be attached from the front of the pouch to the MOLLE base, and these are coloured CB for CB and ACU pouches or OD for OD and black pouches. Made of 1000D cordura nylon which is internally PU coated for water, dust and damp resistance. Please note that price is for ONE pouch only.

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What our customers say about this product:

Great pouch fits a lot in,i have used two one holds my DD travel hammock and torch and energy bars the other holds tarp,ropes,pegs and cash. Very durable kit - Submitted by Jason -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have used one of these for airsoft... they prove invaluable for carrying BB's and pyros. They are very durable and I have no worries of the contents getting too wet in the rain or tearing on a tree etc. etc. There's lots of space too, enough to hold a 3000 round bottle of BBs, around 5 pyros and a speedloader... and for less than a tenner they're great... I reckons Bulle must be at a loss on these pouches... either that, or they sold their soul - Submitted by Mitchell Gee

To add: had these a good few weeks now and they have proven invaluable. They fit perfectly on the waist belt of a PLC bergen, very handy to have your on the go stuff in, so you dont have to take the pack off to get at the most used items - Submitted by Jason

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