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... Medic 1.25in x 1.25in red cross patch with hooked velcro on rear. This patch is available in either olive or desert colours. Please note that price is for ONE patch only. ...Tell me More...
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... US officers' service branch pins, subdued colour. These are usually worn on the lapels of the uniform. The four types pictured denote from left to right: Infantry, Armour, Medical Services, Engineers. The pins are sold as a ...Tell me More...
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... USMC subdued lapel pins. These are small size pins depict the Eagle-Globe-Anchor logo of the US Marine Corps, and are sold as a pair. ...Tell me More...
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... JTG polymer velcro patch with Firefighter in 5cm tall by 5cm wide configuration. The logo is against a back background with red flame and 'Firefighter' in red. This insignia can be used to identify emergency situation lead ...Tell me More...
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... JTG polymer velcro patch with Paramedic in small 2cm tall by 5cm wide configuration. The logo is against a back background with white heartstroke and 'Paramedic' in red. This insignia identifies trained emergency medical ...Tell me More...
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... EOD identification velcro patch in large 3.5cm tall by 7cm wide configuration. This size can fit onto the front of tactical caps or arm patches. The colours are luminous green against black. When fully charged under full light ...Tell me More...
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... The tan medical kit velcro patch is a tan on brown patch measuring 2 inches x 3 inches. The merrow edge is finished in brown to match the patch background colour. The medical kit patch is used on pouches which are carried as ...Tell me More...
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... Replica of the British Airborne Division patch of the second World War. The Pegasus is embroidered in light blue on a maroon twill background. Pegasus is now the name of the Parachute Regiment's training ...Tell me More...
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