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... Designed by special forces and made in Germany Fritzsch KG military headwear using genuine MTP fabric stock, the recce boonie hat is a quality constructed military boonie hat with short brim, all matching sweat band, half ...Tell me More...
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... Genuine British Army MTP cover for the Mk7 General Service kevlar helmet which has been issued sine 2009. The Mk7 cover is constructed in three pieces, with a swell over the ears and drawn tight with a drawstring at the rear. ...Tell me More...
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... Genuine British Army MTP cover for the Mk6 kevlar helmet. The helmet cover is shaped and pleated to fit to the shape of the Mk6 kevlar helmet primarily, but may also be fitted to other helmet shapes. The cover is drawn tight ...Tell me More...
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... Genuine issue British Forces issue MTP camo forage cap, or crap hat with peaked visor and fold away ear and back of head flap. Made in multi-terrain camouflage with ventilation holes on left and right. The peak is deep for good ...Tell me More...
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... The British issue bush hat is made in Cotton/Poly ripstop with twill overlay weave. The fabric is the same weight as used in the S95 uniform in MTP. Features of the bush hat include standard width 3in brim, ventilation holes ...Tell me More...
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