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... Improved specification desert tigerstripe BDU shirt in pre-shrunk 100% ripstop cotton. The desert tigerstripe pattern is an sand and brown coloured adaptation of the traditional 'jungle' tigerstripe pattern made famous by US ...Tell me More...
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... The Truspec Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe Shirt (OVTS)TM are Tigerstripe Products reproduction of the John Wayne Advisor pattern, and trademarked under the name 'Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe'. The tiger stripe BDU shirt is ...Tell me More...
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... The Truspec All Terrain Tiger features Gen 2 Tigerstripe developed by Tigerstripe Products. This combines the tigerstripe pattern with its bold lines with a camouflage pattern which features colours which meld into each other ...Tell me More...
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... The Truspec All Terrain Tigerstripe combat shirt or UBACS features genuine Tigerstripe products Gen2 blended tiger in a multi-terrain colourway. The UBACS shirt features sleeves manufactured in 50/50 NYCO ripstop fabric, and a ...Tell me More...
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