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... The Bulle Woodland helmet cover is made of lightweight, wrinkle resistant, machine washable, ripstop, high tensile poly cotton for toughness and professional appearance. Made to match with the Woodland BDU PYCO uniform, the ...Tell me More...
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... The Bulle Woodland boonie hat in PYCO is made of wrinkle resistant, machine washable, high tensile poly cotton. The woodland boonie hat is ideal for field and tactical wear and is tough enough to stand up to rigorous use. It is ...Tell me More...
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... Designed by special forces and made in Germany by Fritzsch KG military headwear using original US military woodland camo ripstop fabric stock, the recce boonie hat is a quality constructed military boonie hat with short brim, ...Tell me More...
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... Large 180cm x 80cm (approximate) dimension scrim scarf, soft enough for wearing on the face and neck. Made of 65/35 Cotton Poly netting, the scrim scarf is larger than the standard UK scrim scarf, with the squares of netting ...Tell me More...
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