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... Large 180cm x 80cm (approximate) dimension scrim scarf, soft enough for wearing on the face and neck. Made of 65/35 Cotton Poly netting, the scrim scarf is larger than the standard UK scrim scarf, with the squares of netting ...Tell me More...
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... Bulle Olive and Black shemagh of the type used by British Forces. The olive and black shemagh is made of a lightweight cotton. A Shemagh is a versatile, lightweight piece of kit and can be used as: headwrap, neck warmer, ...Tell me More...
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... The olive waterproof boonie hat is a medium brimmed hat made from 3 ply bonded fabric with a breathable membrane. The hat is patterned after the standard US GI hat with a 2 inch brim, medium crown and webbing band around the ...Tell me More...
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