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Propper ATACS LE UBACS Shirt

The Propper Inc UBACS shirt in ATACS is an innovative design which maximises movement and air flow, affords positive elbow protection, and helps to organise utilities over both arms. The shoulder is a two-piece integrated construction, with an over-layer of Battlerip fabric to cover the shoulders where armour carrier straps go, and an underlayer of stretchable, knit poly-cotton fabric for the shoulder and arm. This maximises protection from rubbing and abrasion, but allows for excellent movement and also eases airflow between the armour and the shoulder. The knit poly-cotton fabric is breathable, and is also printed in authentic ATACS LE camouflage. This covers torso, chest and back, and is cut into the underarm to maximise breathability under the arms. A section of this fabric is also used as an internal cuff on each arm. This is fitted with a thumbhole to allow the shirt sleeve to be drawn over the knuckle and hooked into the thumb for protection from wind, sand and cold. The shirt zips with reversed quarter length zip into a profiled Battlerip fabric collar which is higher at the back and lower at the front. This reduction in the heavier weight fabric on the neck aids shooting when prone, without sacrificing protection for the back of the neck. The back of the neck has a 25mm velcro strip for attaching name tapes or insignia above the armour line. Each sleeve comes with three pockets. The upper arm pockets are large and open with zippers. Velcro panels are attached to the outside of these pockets for insignia. The lower arm pockets are located to maximise ease of opening, and they open with a zipper. To the outside of the lower arm pocket is located a pen pocket on the left arm and a velcro open document pocket on the right. These pockets allow for easy and accessible storage of a great deal of small, but essential utilities. The cuffs close with two stage button for to reduce velcro snagging on soft furnishings or other domestic fabrics during room entry. The elbows are shaped and contoured to the bend of the elbow and can be opened to accept padding. The Propper ATACS LE UBACS shirt is a well thought out, designed and battle tested item of clothing which offers more versatility than other UBACS shirts.

Available options are: S , M , L , XL , XXL .

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Side view of the shirt, showing the velcro arm panel, shaped elbow, button down cuff and internal stretch cuff on wrist. The photograph is artificially brightened by approx 50% to show the features

large image no2

The rear of the shirt, showing the collar raised. A strip of velcro is provided on the neck area for team mate identification from behind.

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