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Belgian Army M97 Jigsaw 100l Rucksack

Original Belgian Army M97 jigsaw pattern infantry pack or combat rucksack with over 100 litre capacity. Made in 1000D Milspec Cordura. the pack weighs approximately 1.8kg. The pack is top loading with a compression liner with drawstring and toggle towards the top and the bottom of the main compartment. The floor of the rucksack can be opened with zip and two quick release buckles and can be used to store quick access articles or organise contents. The top lid has a zip compartment inside the lid for secure storage and a zip compartment over the top which allows for quick access to documents or flat utilities. The two side pockets are attached with zips and can be removed and zipped together to make a daypack. The back of the rucksack has the upper back and shoulder strapping fitted to the frame for height adjustment within an 8cm range and the deep shoulder and upper back pad helps to keep the weight comfortable over the shoulder area. The hip and lumbar pad are also deeply cushioned for support and the hip pad secures over the front of the waist with a wide 50mm strap fitted with adjustable under-over cam buckle. One side pocket is top loading, and the other side pocket opens fully with a zip around 3 of its sides. To prevent the lid from opening completely, a triangle of fabric holds the lid at 90 degrees to the pouch. Straps on the shoulders of the shoulder padding are sewn in loop so the pack can be pulled onto the shoulders and supported by the arms. The left strap has a quick release fly opening so the pack can be removed quickly in an emergency. A carry handle is located at the top of the back and also on the front of the pack. Two straps are provided over the top of the pack for addition of a roll mat if needed. The result is an extremely comfortable and versatile pack that is sturdy and sufficient when carefully packed for several days of camping and hiking. Dimensions are: main compartment including bottom compartment, 79cm long, 45cm wide at the top, expandable to 95cm; bottom compartment only, up to 20cm tall, 45cm wide; side pockets each, 38cm tall, 18cm wide, 9cm deep, top lid compartment, 32cm wide, 20 long and 8cm deep.

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large image no1

The right side of the pack, with the side pockets zipped on

large image no2

The left side of the pack with the side pocket zipped on.

large image no3

The rear of the pack with the shoulder strap system which can be adjusted for height within a range of 6-8cm and the deeply cushioned hip pad. The shoulder straps are mounted onto the frame and also onto the top of the pack. Also shown is the waist belt and the cam buckle.

large image no4

The underside of the lid and the internal compression bag from the front with its drawstring. The top of the pack also has a drawstring. The zip pocket can just been seen on the underside of the lid's lining.

large image no5

The bottom compartment zipped open. The green lining is the internal compression bag which can be closed tight with a drawstring as well.

large image no6

A closer view of the zip pocket inside the top lid.

large image no7

The side pockets zipped together to make up a day pack.

large image no8

Separate, padded shoulder straps can be looped through the sliders provided to make the straps of a day pack.

large image no9

The side pocket that can open up sideways has a retaining triangle of fabric that prevents the lid from flapping open.

large image no10
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