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Black Moleskin Trousers

Manufactured by the original German Army contractor to original specifications, the German Army black moleskin trousers are a classic item of outdoor leisure, hunting and work wear. Highly popular with security and police as well because of the neat, urban uniform appearance of the black colour. All materials are exactly the same as on the originals, as are features such as extra-tough chain stitching along all essential seams, wide belt loops, comfortable cut. The trousers also have the original button fly, button down leg pockets with internal pocket and twill-tape ankle ties. Made of 100% machine washable heavy duty cotton in 'moleskin' weave which gets more comfortable with wearing. When new, these will be about 1cm larger in order to accommodate shrinkage during the first wash. Do not be fooled by import copies! Sizes run in centimeters on the waist, 80cm (approx 31in), 85cm (approx 33in), 90cm (approx 35in), 95cm (approx 37in), 100cm (approx 39in), 105cm (approx 41cm), leg lengths in Regular 80cm inside leg (approx 31in) and Long 85cm inside leg (approx 33in).

Available options are: 31R , 33R , 33L , 35R , 35L , 37R , 37L , 39R , 39L , 40R .

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Side view of trousers showing seat pocket, leg pocket and hip pocket.

large image no2

Rear of trousers.

large image no3

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What our customers say about this product:

I have a couple of pairs of the green version. They are just about the best utility trousers I have ever owned - hard wearing, comfortable, and a perfect fit when washed (in my case 33R; "7", 32/34). Before buying a couple of black pairs I rang Flecktarn and checked the sizes and bought exactly the same size. In the case of the green pairs, the shrinkage gave me exactly the right fit. In the case of the black ones it definitely doesn't! These shrink MUCH less than the originals, ending up 2-3" longer than the green pairs. Something has changed, whether the fabric (which feels much different) or I don't know what. So now I have two black pairs which don't fit. - Submitted by roy

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