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Bulle Black BDU Trousers NYCO Ripstop Enhanced

The Bulle Black BDU trousers, enhanced, are fitted with the latest innovations in tactical wear. They are made of lightweight, wrinkle resistant, machine washable, ripstop nylon cotton for toughness and professional appearance. Ideal for security, plain clothes law enforcement and uniform wear, they combine the classic black uniform appearance with tactically useful features for the best of both in one trouser. Designed in consultation with serving law officers and security consultants, the Bulle Black BDU trousers have the following features: Waist - Slotted button waist and zip fly. Wide 25mm belt loops on the front left and right which support a plastic D-ring. D-rings are in easy access space for hanging keychains, carabiners or other gear. Extra long and wide 25mm side adjustment tabs left and right which are threaded through plastic slide adjuster and fastened back onto trouser with velcro for comfort. These will not open up because of riding issues like the standard BDU metal side adjusters. Normal belt loops on sides are rear. Discreet, pleated front, German Army style, for better fitting on waist and looser fitting around hips. Hip Pockets - standard slash style pockets on left and right reinforced with bar tacks at stress points. Back pockets - hidden back pockets are provided on left and right. These close with velcro to reduce pressure points on the rear. Leg pockets - BDU size pleated pockets expand to hold more contents if required. Pockets are closed with two hidden slotted buttons. Bottom of BDU pocket is sewn down to prevent the pocket from sagging to the rear and appearing untidy. Each pocket flap also has a retractable D-ring. Right side Leg pocket - large, flat internal pocket is provided, subdivided into three sections. The centre top of the pocket flap is left unsewn for quick access to the contents of the middle internal pocket. This can be used for a penknife, torch, expandable baton (police only), magazine or other long, thin item. Knees - knee reinforcement patches can be opened with velcro and foam protection slid inside to provide protection to the knees. Lower leg pockets - A lower leg pocket is provided on each leg. This is particularly useful for crews who are usually sitting down, or vehicle drivers. Ideal for storing ID or wallet in an easy to reach area. Closes with velcro to reduce weight on the lower leg area. Ankle cuffs - these are fitted with drawstrings in the hem to be drawn tight and bloused over boots if required. Seams - all main seams (up the legs and from crotch to rear) are stitched with tough overlock stitching which is almost tear proof. Seat - the seat is fitted with a large reinforcement patch. Sizes available are: Small (up to 31 inch waist), Medium (up to 35 inch waist), Large (up to to 39 inch waist), XLarge (up to 43 inch waist), XXLarge (up to 48 inch waist).

Available options are: S , M , L , XL , XXL .

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large image no1

Detailed view of the waist front, showing the slotted button waist, zip fly, wide 25mm front belt loops fitted with D-rings and the discreet pleats behind the D-rings.

large image no2

Detailed view of the rear, showing standard belt loops, the rear of the side adjustment tabs fitted with velcro, the back pockets with velcro closing and part of the seat reinforcement patch.

large image no3

Detailed view of the right pocket showing the flap. This is fitted with a buttonhole for retracting the D-ring and also has a gap in the centre for quick insertion of a torch, pen, or other object. The points on either side of the gap are bar tack stitched for reinforcement.

large image no4

Detailed view of the internal pocket fitted into the right leg pocket. Here are three jumbo marker pens shown inside, but the pocket can be used for other, similarly shaped items as well. Also shown are the two slotted buttons which hold the pocket flap down. Unlike standard BDU leg pocket flaps, the front of the pocket flap is not stitched down, so access to the pocket is unhindered. The pocket expands towards the rear, shown in the picture on the left side.

large image no5
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What our customers say about this product:

These BDU trousers are generally excellent and I would recommend them to anyone but there are a couple of caveats, may be a personal thing (I'm 6'1", 220, bought XL) but its worth knowing before you buy... The fit overall is great but the waist is very low. You WILL be showing your bum crack if you bend, crouch or sit in them. Squatting isn't recommended. The belt loops are of no use for your average 2" webbing belt or similar. The size is mentioned in the description but didn't occur to me until I got them. I thought all BDU had standard 2" loops. This is by no means a bad review, but those things need bearing in mind. Sadly I will be selling mine on because of these downsides. Flecktarn if you're listening, 2" belt loops and maybe an inch or 2 of extra material at the waist and these would be perfect. Usual exceptional service from Flecktarn. Best online shopping service by far. - Submitted by Matt
UPDATE 1/6/2012 - Have been using and abusing the 4 pairs I bought, still look new with minimal fading. Only problem with them to date is the crotch seam where there is the most wear - flexing and abrasion, where the thread has worn away. I would ask Bulle to use a heavier duty thread which would fix their only flaw, possibly throw a few bartacs for extra strength wouldn't go amiss. - Submitted by Barrie Grieve

BEST PAIR OF TROUSERS I HAVE BOUGHT EVER!!! I went on a diet to fit into the largest size, but it was worth it. Just spent a WET couple of days in Knoydart. Faultless performance - fast drying, tough and light. Smart enough to wear on the street and tough enough to use for work That's why I've just ordered another 3 pairs. Submitted by Barrie Grieve

This is a great pair of trousers - comfortable and practical. I am on my second pair, since my originals have soldiered on well through last Winter, and they are still wearable, but a second pair is allways handy. I would gladly recommend these to anyone. - Submitted by IanH

Received these next day, fantastic! As a police dog handler i wanted a pair of good quality trousers for training. A pair that would look good after a day covered in mud and dog hair and a pair that would stand up to brambles and barbed wire. These trousers are as described on the website and fit really well. Loads of pockets and excellent quality cloth. Great price and excellent service, will definitely be ordering a pair for duty. - Submitted by Matt

Bob Worthington

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