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Black Austrian Army Aramid Gloves

Genuine Austrian Army black gloves with leather palm, fingers and thumb and aramid back. The gloves fasten over the inside of the wrist with a wide velcro strap. The aramid fabric is a technical polyester which is resistant to fire and melt, and allows the back of the hand to breathe. Soft leather thumb and fingers enhance grip, and the leather palm has a mapping layer that helps to improve grip on the palm and reduce resistance to flex. A knuckle mapping layer of leather and thin form provides protection from grazes. The gloves have a loop on the inside of the wrist that allows left and right gloves to be hooked together to prevent loss. Sizes are: Medium (9), Medium-Large (10), Large (11), XLarge (12). Gloves are in used condition and may have marks of use, but are free from rips or repairs.

Available options are: 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 .

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The leather palm is mapped for better grip without loss of flexibility.

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The thumb and fingers are made of leather, and fingertips are protected with leather. The aramid fabric allows the back of the thumb, fingers and hande to breath but is also fire and melt resistant. A strap with velcro closes over the inside of wrist.

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The knuckle area is mapped with a leather pad to protect this area from grazes.

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