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Bulle Black MOLLE M4 Mag Pouch

The Bulle MOLLE M4 mag pouch is designed to store two 5.56mm magazines stacked on top of each other, separated by an internal divider. The pouch is double secured with an adjustable 25mm quick release clip mounted on the flap and a draw cord/toggle around the upper lip of the pouch. There is an internal divider within the body of the pouch which helps in reducing the magazine noise and rattle. The pouch takes up the space of a single rifle mag pouch and will fit into a compact space on the MOLLE modular vest, chest rig or belt thereby increasing the proportion of ammo carried in an overall load carrying system. The pouch is ideal for stealthier applications due to the silencable velcro and the operation of the military specification UTX Flex Stealth buckle which is quieter compared to cheaper quick release buckles. The capacity of the pouch is for two 5.56 NATO magazines such as the M16/M4 magazine, FAMAS, Ruger Mini-14 and other slim profile magazines for the 5.56 NATO round. The pouch is designed to be fully mountable on all MOLLE systems. Made of 1000 Denier texturised Cordura, all plastic furniture and buckles are made by Duraflex for military applications. Price is for one pouch only.

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