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New British DPM Issue Long Back Infantry Bergen

The standard issue British Army infantry bergen in DPM. Made of military cordura which is internally waterproofed, the bergen features large top-loading compartment with integral compression bag, closed with an adjustable drawstring; zippers and clips on left and right for attachment of bergen side pockets for extra capacity, zipper closed pocket on front for additional small items, elasticated top flap which secures down onto the bergen with fastex buckles. The top flap also features two zipper pockets, one on the top which is in its own expanding compartment for maps and other material, and one on the underside for storage of essential flat items, such as papers. Carrying handle on top of bergen allows for easy transport, and the internal rigid frame bars and padding on back and shoulder straps allows for a comfortable carry. Shoulder straps are also supported with adjustable cordura straps which help to distribute the weight of the top of the bergen more evenly over the shoulder instead of relying only on the upper back area. The bergen is designed with two hip pads on either side, secured over the waist with an adjustable strap and fastex buckle (NB not all bergens have this, some have had the hip pads removed so that PLCE webbing can be worn more comfortably in conjunction with the bergen). This rucksack is the first choice for long trips where load carrying capacity is a priority.

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large image no1

View of the shoulder straps of the rucksack. The shoulder straps have secondary adjustment straps to help distribute the weight of the pack over the shoulders and upper back and prevent the bag from sagging towards the waist. The shoulder straps are adjustable for length at the bottom. Padded hip pads are provided with their own adjustable waist strap with a wide quick release buckle. The back of the rucksack is fully padded in sections to provide stability to the entire pack. Also to be seen is the carry handle towards the top of the rucksack.

large image no2

Top down view of rucksack showing the pocket on the top of the lid. The utility straps are an additional option.

large image no3

View of the front pocket on the rucksack. This is the size of a mess tin.

large image no4

The side of the rucksack showing the compression straps that can be used to pull the sides together and the zips for attachment of side packs (sold separately).

large image no5

The carry handle and the tops of the shoulder straps.

large image no6

The internal compression sack has its own drawstring, as well as the drawstring at the top of the pack.

large image no7

The internal pocket inside the top of the lid.

large image no8

Putting the internal pocket inside the lid in the context of the rest of the pack.

large image no9

The lid of the rucksack, and the top of the body of the pack.

large image no10

large image no11

large image no12
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