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French CCE Field Trousers

Original French Army CCE camouflage fabric, made to the longer and wider German Army field trouser pattern by a German manufacturer, the French CCE central european camouflage trousers are highly effective in European woodland and scrubland environments. The french fabric is a soft, moleskin type weave in a medium to heavy weight cloth with some stretch provided by the weave. The french CCE camouflage is a four colour with grey/tan, dark green, dark brown and black colouration and the camouflage pattern is wider than the US woodland camouflage with which is shares some similarities. The combat trouser cut is a comfortable fitting five pocket design, with two hip pockets, two expandable cargo pockets with push-button flaps, and one button-down hidden back pocket. Six buttons are provided on the waist for attachment of braces, or alternatively, the trousers can be worn with a belt up to 3cm wide, looped through the belt loops provided. The trousers have a button waist and zip fly. Bar tacks are located at all stress points for durability. The German cut is looser around the leg and longer on the lower leg than the original French cut, although the appearance of the trousers is very similar to the French issue trousers due to the similar leg pockets and hip pockets. The trousers will match with French issue field blouses. Original French Army CCE fabric is machine washable 67% cotton, 18% polyester and 15% nylon.

Available options are: 31R , 33R , 33L , 35R , 35L , 37R , 37L , 39R , 39L , 40R .

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Detailed view of the side of the trousers, showing the belt loops, buttons for braces, front pleat, slanted hip pockets, leg pocket and rear pocket on the right hand side.

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What our customers say about this product:

Really pleased with these trousers, the pattern is prominent and the cut of the trousers enables them to be worn either casually or for outdoor pursuits. An excellent set of trousers and very reasonably priced. - Submitted by Darren Ashton

Got a pair of these as to match up with an increasing amount of my kit which appears to be becoming French in origin!! No bad thing though the camo pattern, though big, is very effective. The pants are a great fit in 33L which fits my 6'2" skinny frame really well. Standard French issue long pants are still far too short and I've only ever come across them in France! So, the cut and detailing is more reminicant of the old Dutch moleskins and the fabric is slightly thinner than the issue F2 shirt I have, but they are fine by modern standards (BDU's and the like). The pockets are a good size with the leg pockets not soo big as to bellow, but big enough for OS maps and the like. Mmmm yes I like them and would recommend them. - Submitted by Tony B

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