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British MTP UBACS Shirt Olive Torso

The British MTP issue UBACS or combat shirt is designed to be worn under body armour. The chest, torso and back of the shirt are made from olive drab moisture wicking fabric, and the sleeves are made from poly-cotton MTP fabric. The neck zipper is 1/4 length so the shirt can be pulled on over the head and unzipped slightly for ventilation. This also helps to reduce the number of pressure points going down the torso on which the body armour would sit. The underside of the mandarin collar is backed with MTP camouflage fabric. The shoulders are constructed in one piece going down the arms. This reduces the number of layers underneath the body armour at the shoulders. The moisture wicking fabric is extended to the undearm area to maximise ventilation and prevent buildup of heat and moisture. The upper arms have expandable pockets set at an angle for easier retrieval of items within when worn with body armour. The front of the upper arm pockets is faced with loop side velcro for insignia. Going down the sleeve, the elbows and forearms are reinforced with a layer of fabric, similar to the PCS shirt. The reinforced layer opens with velcro from the outside to accept two separate pads, one for elbow and one for forearm. The cuffs are fastened with two stage tape buttons to allow for adjustment of of the cuff diameter. The tail of the combat shirt is straight hemmed. Sizes available are (160/80), (170/90), (180/100), (180/110),(190/120) and (200/124). This shirt is one of two types issued to British Forces. This one is the one with the olive drab body and reduced layer shoulders for less weight and bulk. Please note that this is a used item and may have slight modifications or additions from previous user.

Available options are: XS , S , M , L , XL , XXL .

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Side view of the shirt showing the collar zipped up, the upper arm pocket with its single panel of velcro for insignia and the lower arms which open to accept padding on the elbow and the forearm.

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