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British Forces MTP Goretex Trousers

Genuine issue British forces MTP camo waterproof overtrousers in three layer laminate, breathable polyester. The trousers open on the waist with velcro and drawstring and have a velcro fly. The hips have slash openings that close with velcro for easy access to trouser pockets underneath. The lower leg has as chunky zipper so these can be opened for pulling on over boots, and the opening is fitted with a layer of waterproof fabric to prevent water ingress in the zip area. The bottom of the ankle has a velcro tab to help cinch the trousers tightly around the top of the boot. The number of seams is reduced so the fabric can be as contiguous as possible, and all seams are taped. Not often available, current size 38in waist, long 35in leg.

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large image no1

Side of the trousers, showing the pocket flap for access to trousers underneath.

large image no2

Rear of the trousers. The trousers are in used condition, and may have marks of use.

large image no3

The waist has a drawstring and velcro opening, and the fly opens with velcro.

large image no4

The lower leg zipper which helps with pulling the trousers on over boots. The bottom of the ankle is also secured with a velcro tab.

large image no5
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