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Multicam Wyvern Pegasus Belt Kit

The Multicam Wyvern Pegasus belt kit is a complete, all-in-one system for ammo carriage and utility carriage below the Osprey armour system. The belt kit pouches are integrated into the belt which is based on the popular Wyvern PLCE hip pad. This is a Multicam milspec Cordura layer sandwiching a layer of heavy duty foam to help increase comfort when worn with full ammo and utility load. The top of the belt kit is fitted with six plastic slide adjuster points for attachment of the lightweight under armour yoke in Multicam by Wyvern. The bottom of the belt order is also fitted with four 25mm D-rings for attachment of leg holsters or leg rigs below. In order to be as close as possible to the PLCE kit, the belt order is provided with three large utility pouches, each with an internal compression bag and 20mm quick release buckle, and two double ammo pouches, capable of carrying six SA80 or M4 magazines. These are mounted on left and right front. The belt buckle is a heavy duty, galvanised steel rigger type, with a self-tensioning, high-grip moving slider for additional security during wear. This type of buckle is slighlty lower profile than the traditional quick release buckle and helps to ensure that prone position shooting does not become unduly uncomfortable. The Pegasus system provides a solution to ammunition carriage as separate from the armour vest, which is essential when armour is not necessarily being worn at all times. Closely allied to the PLCE system, whilst reducing weight by reducing the need for a separate belt and hip pad, as well as additional strapping required for MOLLE systems, the Pegasus system provides a one-stop solution for load carriage which complements the MOLLE based carriage of the Osprey armour usually worn on top. Made of milspec 1000D Cordura nylon. Please note that the Pegasus belt kit is shown on the photos with the Wyvern under armour yoke which is available for purchase separately. The belt kit consists of the belt portion only.

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large image no1

Rear of rig, with main utility pouches located at rear. Yoke attachment points are also visible. Yoke not included.

large image no2

Detailed shot of the yoke mounting points on the rear of the rig. There is also a buckle for attaching relevant pouches or equipment. Yoke not included.

large image no3

Side view of the rig showing the 2 affixed ammo pouches. The rear utility pouch can also be seen from the side. Note the elasticated straps on the utilty pouch for attaching light items. Yoke not included.

large image no4
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