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British 2015 MTP MOLLE Battle Belt and Yoke

2015 issue British Forces MTP MOLLE battle belt set in three parts, consisting of cushioned foam hip pad, belt and lightweight yoke or shoulder straps that are fully detachable. The yoke consists of an x-harness made from 50mm wide webbing over shoulders and upper back, joined together by sewing at the top of the back and linked to 4 25m wide straps for mounting onto the hip pad points. The belt liner is a one-piece liner in MTP which is shaped to make a left, right and rear section with MOLLE panels. The interior of the liner is mesh lined and the liner itself is fitted with foam which is approximately 1cm thick. This helps to distribute the load on the hips more evenly. The left and right panels have two horizontal MOLLE straps with 6 to 7 loops each, depending on the hip pad size, and the rear panel has two horizontal MOLLE straps with 6 loops each. The rear panel lifts up with velcro to make threading the belt through easier. The left and right panels are stitched down top and bottom with space for threading the belt through left and right. The liner has four ITW Nexus 25mm D-rings for threading the yoke provided, or any shoulder harness system utilising 25mm straps. The set also includes a 50mm wide web belt with a metal roll pin, self tensioning slide for looping the belt together. The belt can be swapped with any 2 inch duty belt as required. New MOLLE belt systems comes with instruction leaflet on assembly and care. It is designed to be worn as a separate, standalone system under the Osprey Mk4 armour, allowing personal kit and ammo to be worn on the body regardless of whether the armour is being used or not. Sizes Small (79cm long hip pad, 120cm long belt), Medium (88cm long hip pad, 135cm long belt), Large (91cm long hip pad, 145cm long belt). Small Ensemble NSN8470-99-471-6947

Available options are: S , M , L .

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large image no1

The new ensembles come with the manufacturer's manual.

large image no2

The front of the belt assembly with the roll pin loop through.

large image no3

The rear panel of the belt can be opened for easier threading through of the belt. It also allows the foam insert to be replaced if necessary.

large image no4

A side view of the belt pad.

large image no5
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