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British Army Emergency Shelter Kit Sealed Pack

British Army issue, NATO standard, sealed package shelter kit, labelled Individual Protection Kit, NSN 8465991206227, consisting of a waterproof sealed package weight 900g and measuring approximately 32cm x 12cm x 4cm which contains a heavy duty 150cm x 270cm tarp, six 25cm long aluminium stakes,16m of heavy nylon para cord and an instruction sheet for using the sheet over a trench. The sealed kit is a bushcraft and survival essential which is easily dropped into a go bag because of its compact size and light weight, offering a versatile range of survival applications with the enclosed contents such as: shelter, emergency blanket, emergency poncho, groundsheet for gathering water, food or wood. The paracord can be used separately for securing a large variety of utilities as can the aluminium stakes. Photo shows one way of partially setting up the tarpaulin as a shelter.

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The kit comes in a sealed pouch which is easy to stow away and keeps the contents dust, damp and dirt-free. The bag is not re-sealable but, if opened carefully, can be re-used as a water or small item carry bag in an emergency situation.

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The contents of the pouch include one large tarpaulin and a pack of aluminium stakes and a long length of nylon cord.

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Instructions for use as a shelter over trenches are included.

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