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Olive Bulle MOLLE M4 Quad Mag Pouch

The Bulle MOLLE M4 Quad Pouch is large enough to accommodate 4x M4, M16 or SA80 magazines side by side, or 2x G36 magazines side by side (3 G36 magazines with some creative pushing). The pouch measures approximately 190mm tall, 120mm wide and 70mm deep. Due to the size and generic nature of the pouch, it can also be used as a large FFD pouch, UK forces size small utility pouch and for storing other sundries. The pouch is fully lined with 1000D Cordura nylon material for stability and durability, and to prevent snagging of contents against the walls of the pouch. The pouch lid is a fully enclosed type providing coverage over top, front and sides which help to prevent damp, dirt and dust from entering and is the preferred system for issue pouches. The lid closes with an adjustable military specification Duraflex UTX Stealth quick release buckle and silenceable velcro on the front. The inside of the lid is fitted with extra velcro to allow the lid to be retained in an open position when quick access to the contents is required. The rear of the pouch is fitted with two vertical straps for fitting onto the MOLLE base and three additional horizontal MOLLE straps for interweaving which gives better stability during movement. These are finished with a press stud each. The pouch is medium profle, with a low space requirement on the MOLLE base. The M4 Quad pouch is constructed from 1000D Cordura nylon fabric and Cordura 25mm webbing. All plastic toggles and buckles are military specification Duraflex UTX Stealth parts which offer better performance, durability and heat resistance over unbranded buckles. Please note that price is for ONE pouch only. Accessories shown are for illustration purposes only.
-Holds up to 4x M4, M16 or SA80 standard magazines or 2 (possibly 3)x G36 magazines
-Similar in size to the UK Osprey small utility pouch
-190mm tall, 120mm wide and 70mm deep
-Fully enclosed lid protects contents front, top and sides and is the main design for issue gear
-Lid can be retained in open position if desired
-Adjustable quick release buckle with silenceable velcro closure
-Internally lined for stability, water and dust resistance and anti-snagging
-Medium profile pouch with low space requirement on the MOLLE base
-Made from military specification 1000D Cordura material and Cordura webbing
-All plastic toggles and buckles are genuine military specification Duraflex UTX Stealth parts
-Comes with two 125mm length 25mm standard MOLLE vertical straps, compatible with all US and UK systems

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large image no1

View of rear of the pouch showing the MOLLE webbing.

large image no2

View of pouch with four airsoft M4 magazines inserted

large image no3
ODTMG5NXNew10.25Qty Add

What our customers say about this product:

I purchased 3 (OD) of these understated pouches to accommodate 6 G36 magazines for airsoft purposes, and I did so with complete uncertainty as to Bulle as a brand and their quality. I can assure anyone looking for G36 magazines that a single pouch will fit 2 G36 magazines in a way that the lugs will not catch or become problematic whilst keeping them secure. The clip on the outside is strong enough, silent enough and easy enough to handle despite looking cheap on the picture (although I must say that the picture does nothing for the colour of the pouch in person, it is as OD as the next piece of quality Cordura out there), and the velcro patch keeps the lid closed with little effort. Prior to purchasing, I read that the button's and their catches used to secure the pouch to MOLLE were weak un-buttoned with little effort, this has not been the case with me, they are solid. As for the dimensions and placement on your gear, the pouch itself uses 6 vertical and 2 horizontal MOLLE slots, and is far more practical to use that the "Viper" equivalent. I found myself comparing various prices of "high end" brands and even considering using multiple single G36 pouches to achieve what I wanted the first time round without having to re-purchase gear due to incompatibility with the dreaded G36 magazine lugs... I can only say forget "Warrior", "Tactical Tailor", or any other brand that demands over ?20 for a similar pouch. G36 users, this is what you want, look no further at ?10.16 each! - Submitted by Brad

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