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Olive Bulle MOLLE Three Quarter Utility Pouch

The Bulle MOLLE Low Drag Three Quarter General Purpose Pouch is the smaller cousin to the Bulle MOLLE Stiffback General Purpose Pouch. It is designed to be mounted on any MOLLE platform, from vest to leg carrier plate. It provides one large, top loading compartment which can be zipped open 50% of the way, and MOLLE cross-webbing on the front for the mounting of additional, smaller pouches. The Low Drag three quarter pouch is designed to take up less space on the carrying base, whilst being able to carry almost as much as the stiffback. It does this by eliminating some of the space eating trim and excess height. Inside the low drag three quarter general purpose pouch is a series of elasticated bands which are sewn to the back of the pouch for securing utilities, and an additional velcro pocket attached to the inside of the front of the pouch for more small utility items. The Low Drag three quarter pouch has a cloth-based, quasi-stiff backing to help shape, even when the pouch is weighted with utilities. Pouch dimensions are 15.5x14.5x6cm. Pouch is retained on the carrying base via two button down MOLLE webbing straps which can be interwoven between the base and the pouch for added stability and security. Made of 1000 Denier texturised Cordura which is double stitched for durability. Please note that the price is for ONE pouch only.

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large image no1

View of rear of pouch, which shows the securing straps and the rigid back section.

large image no2

Inside view of the front of the pouch. The top unzips slightly on either side to allow access to items inside, as well as a larger opening for large or oddly shaped items.

large image no3

View of the inside back of the pouch. Note the elasticated strips, which can be used to secure small items such as ammunition, small grenades, pens and bandages.

large image no4
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Cracking medium pouch which holds it's shape well... I have a small water bottle pouch on the frount with no sagging. Great X4 on a bandollier... Looks good too! - Submitted by Jonny Nicholls

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