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Olive Swedish Army 5pc Webbing Set

Genuine Swedish Army surplus webbing set with 5 pieces, consisting of shoulder harness, belt, two utility or magazine pouches and insulated water bottle pouch. The webbing belt is 6cm wide and is made from quick drying canvas with rivetted eylets. The overall length of the belt strap is 115cm, and the belt loops back on itself in order to form the finished belt, with adjustment at every set of rivets, and sprung retention clips to thread through. Also included is a leather strap and buckle section which gives 20cm of adjustment. The shoulder harness is made from slightly lighter weight quick drying canvas and comes with four attachment hooks for fitting onto the belt. It can be adjusted for fit and height with the four-way metal slide adjuster on the upper back and adjustment slides on the front. The shoulder straps are widened over the shoulder to spread the weight of the load. The pouches are Cordura faced and the magazine or utiltiy pouches are also stiffened in the front with an enclosed panel. These pouches close with an elastic retention strap which is pulled over a metail retention stud. The pouches measure 20cm tall, 15cm wide and 6cm deep, and the rear is fitted with flattened belt loops. The waterbottle pouch is internally lined with acrylic plush and the bottle shoulders are retained by pushing the fabric through the retention stud. The pouch is designed for shaped 1 Litre bottles similar to the US GI waterbottle. The pouch also has flattened metal belt loops. The Swedish Army 5pc webbing set is an ideal starter kit which can be adapted as a belt only kit or used in conjuction with other types of pouches.

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large image no1

A closer view of the side of the webbing, and also the sprung metal clip that holds the belt in its required position.

large image no2

The back of the webbing. The metal slide on the upper back can be adjusted for height.

large image no3

A closer view of the utility or magazine pouch with the lid open.

large image no4

A closer view of the water bottle pouch, showing the insulating lining.

large image no5
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