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Phantomleaf WASP I Z3a Green UBACS Combat Shirt

The Phantomleaf WASP I camo is an innovative adaptive camouflage pattern effective at a variety of ranges with its combination of macro and micro elements and extensive disruptive shading. The WASP I Z3a is optimised for green and temperate environments, and uses both green and brown tones with dappling effects to confuse the body shape fully even at close range. The Phantomleaf WASP I Z3a green ubacs shirt features a polycotton stretch torso with natural feel, specific underarm panels with quick dry fabric and ventilation mesh, quarter zip front, double arm pockets with zip closure and velcro facing, velcro cuffs, seamless construction and extra shoulder and upper arm loops for organisation of comms or other leads on the shirt. The Phantomleaf WASP I green Z3a shirt combines a low noise ripstop sleeve and shoulder camouflage with a comfortable and well ventilated torso.. Sizes M and XXXL.

Available options are: M , XXXL .

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large image no1

The back of hte shirt, showing the elbows which can open to accept padding and the back of the velcro panels.

large image no2

Side of the shirt showing the detail of the arm velcro and elbow. The cuffs close with velcro.

large image no3

The shirt worn together with matching trousers and two-tone M4 NATO MOLLE Rig.

large image no4

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