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Phantomleaf Wasp II Z3a Fritzsch Recce Boonie Hat

Designed by special forces and made in Germany by Fritzsch KG military headwear using original Phantomleaf Wasp II Z3a ripstop fabric, the recce boonie hat is a quality constructed military boonie hat with short brim, all matching sweat band, half lining and well thought out ventilation system. The hat is crushable and will reform once worn. All panels are precision cut and sewn for a superb fit. The hat features camouflage loops around the sweatband and two ventilation holes on each side. The inside of the hat has a special map pocket which doubles as an emergency signalling panel in bright red when worn inside out. The hat is in medium weight fabric, similar to the fabric used in bergen covers and temperate jackets. A small 40x50mm rectangle of velcro is located on the back of the hat for identification. Top quality construction and features rival any other military boonie hat on the market. Sizes M (58cm), L (60cm), XL (62cm)

This is a Special Order item and is subject to the manufacturer's delivery times and may take longer to deliver than our usual advertised times.

Available options are: M , L , XL .

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large image no1

Front view of the hat.

large image no2

Rear view of the hat, angled from the right.

large image no3

Side view of the hat from the left.

large image no4

The inside of the hat with the crown pocket which is in bright red, emergency personal marker fabric.

large image no5
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