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Phantomleaf WASP II Z2 Brown LK Commando Shirt

Phantomleaf adaptive camouflage system with multiple tones for different environments is developed in Germany. The WASP II Z2 is the pattern developed for semi-arid, autumn and winter tones in central Europ. The Phantomleaf camo disrupts effectively with micro and macro patterns so that the pattern is not optimised for a specific length, of view, but is effective at a range of distances. The scattering of green, brown, tan and khaki is in approximate reversed proportions to the spring and green Z3a pattern. This is available in the LK operator-designed commando shirt which features velcro front and zero pressure point design, ventilated underarms, large upper arm pockets, epaulettes and traditional collar. Made in soft, ripstop fabric. Ample space is provided for patches on the arm pockets and a name tape over the left chest. Sizes M (Euro 48/50 - 40 inch chest), L (Euro 52/54 - 43 in ch chest), XL (Euro 56/58 - 46 inch chest).

Available options are: M , L , XL .

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large image no1

The right side of the shirt. The large colour areas are designed to break up the pattern at distance, but also include micro patterns within to maintain camouflage effectiveness at closer ranges.

large image no2

The rear of the shirt. The pattern is original and marked with Phantomleaf's trademark.

large image no3

The left side of the shirt, which also has the name tape strip over the left chest.

large image no4

A close up of the arm pocket. The patch panel covering has been removed as the arm pockets are faced with loop for attachment of insignia.

large image no5
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