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Phantomleaf WASP I Green Z3a Cold Weather Jacket

The Phantomleaf WASP I camo is an innovative adaptive camouflage pattern effective at a variety of ranges with its combination of macro and micro elements and extensive disruptive shading. The WASP I Z3a is optimised for green and temperate environments, and uses both green and brown tones with dappling effects to confuse the body shape fully even at close range. The Miltec Cold Weather jacket is adapted with features from military ECW tactical jackets and features: breathable water proof outer shell jacket with integral, shaped hood; fully detachable soft fleece midlayer jacket; waterproof reversed zippers on arm and hip pockets; draught excluder extended cuffs with velcro; two large zip-up dump pockets on chest; chunky double central zip enclosed with snap button baffle; peaked hood with adjustable drawstring; colour matched velcro panels on upper arms. Separate stitch panels are reduced so as to keep as much contiguous shell as possible. Inner fleece is olive drab colour and the sleeves are lined with polyester for ease of movement between baselayer fabrics and the fleece sleeve. Slightly over-sized for wear over other clothing. The Phantomleaf WASP 1 green Z3a jacket combines an excellent package of features with an innovative and effective camouflage. Sizes M, L and XL.

Available options are: M , L , XL .

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The jacket hood up, showing high neck with draught excluder drawstrings on the hood. The hood also has a peak to keep water from falling from the hood onto the face directly.

large image no2

The dump pockets on left and right chest are closed with zip and are located on either side of the main chunky zip.

large image no3

The jacket from the left side, showing the hood down, and detail on the arm. The velcro panel on the arm is colour matched with the jacket. The cuffs are extended for draught exclusion and are closed with velcro.

large image no4

The rear of the jacket with the hood up. This gives an idea of the interaction of the different disruptive patterning of the camouflage.

large image no5

The internal fleece is colour matching and can be fully detached from the jacket.

large image no6

Hip pockets are reversed and rubber coated for waterproofing.

large image no7

Pockets are available on the upper arm and are closed with a reversed waterproof zipper.

large image no8

The outer shell jacket features long underarm zips for ventilation.

large image no9

The central zip is usually covered over with a baffle that is buttoned down with snap buttons to exclude draughts and water.

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