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Tan Bulle MOLLE Nalgene Water Bottle Pouch

The Bulle MOLLE nalgene and water bottle pouch is large utility pouch which takes water bottles up to the size of the British issue Osprey water bottle and mug. It is also an excellent size for carrying phosphorus grenades large lifeboat smoke grenades. The pouch neatly carries its contents inside its large, shaped main compartment, and the flap is a profiled, shaped design which closes onto the body, thus limiting the amount of dust and dirt that can get inside. The exterior of the pouch is has two MOLLE straps sewn down around the main body which enables small utility pockets to be attached for accessories such as water purification tablets, extra pistol magazine pouches, multi-tool pouches and similar items. The pouch is double secured with an adjustable UTX-Flex Stealth quick release buckle, and silenceable velcro flap. The velcro on the flap is a loop (soft) section which meets up with a hooked (rough) section on the body of the pouch. This rough velcro can be silenced and de-activated by rolling a flap of smooth velcro over the top. This is provided on the pouch and requires no modification. UTX-Flex Stealth buckles are designed for military use and have to pass stringent strength, heat and burn resistance tests, making them one of the best on the market for this kind of application. The pouch has one rivetted eyelet on the bottom to allow for drainage. The pouch measures 12cm wide at the base, 21cm high and 5cm deep. The pouch is designed to get wider towards the middle, so the depth increases to 7cm at the opening of the pouch on left and right, assuming that the width remains 12cm. The pouch is made of 1000D texturised Cordura. Price is for ONE pouch. Any accessories shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the pouch.

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large image no1

View of rear of the pouch.

large image no2

The pouch, placed next to a Jetboil Zip. The Jetboil Zip fits neatly inside, and there is still space underneath for a few sachets of coffee, hot chocolate or cup soup.

large image no3

View of the pouch side by side with an Osprey water bottle and cup.

large image no4

Detailed view of the velcro and quick release buckle.

large image no5

View of the velcro silenced with integrated velcro flap.

large image no6
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What our customers say about this product:

Top quality pouches, well made and robust. I have fitted mine to the sides of my Camelbak Motherlode and they match really well and look like they came with the rucksack (bit like small rocket packs). The only issue I have (if you can call it that - hardly worth mentioning) is that the clips get slack as the pull down tape works loose. Does not bother me in the slightest as I always tape mine down once adjusted, however you will need to do this yourself if you are not using the velcro when on ops. Top quality in every other respect. - Submitted by Evil_Calvin

Bought one to take on a trip to Gambia in Africa. My Army water bottle fitted in fine and it was really useful, attaching to my belt so I could carry lots of water around (that was needed a lot in the heat). Good quality and would recommend for anyone needing something to carry a water bottle around. - Submitted by Joe Gardner Excellent peice of kit. I use 4 on my belt kit and they have held up well over the last 18 months of OPs and exercises. Please bring them out in multicam. - Submitted by Random Viking

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