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Tan Bulle MOLLE MLE Harness

Bulle designed and produced MLE (Multi-level Load Equipment) harness in olive and brown. This harness provides a skeletal MOLLE base for excellent ventilation in hot weather, and may be worn high on the chest, or low on the waist according to the user's preferences. The MLE yoke is provided with a carrying handle for convenience, D-rings over both shoulders front and rear, MOLLE strapping on the upper back and shoulders and a coolmax cushioned support over its entire area. The MLE cumberbund is provided with 5 cross webbing straps for maximum positions on which to mount pouches, a zip open pocket on left and right for utilities, and a further six open pockets (three on left, and three on right) for insertion of foam, extra ammo carrying capability or other utility items. The rear of the cumberbund is provided with an adjustable strap for tightening around the waist or back, and also has a pair of D-rings which can support an additional optional utility strap for comfort or for supporting the bottom half of a hydration carrier. The MLE harness is designed to be opened easily via the two clips on the front of the cumberbund, and the two clips attaching the yoke to the cumberbund. The MLE harness is one of the most versatile MOLLE rigs available in the Bulle range, and its low profile enables it to be worn on its own or over body armour as a quick way of carrying hot-swapping different types of loads if required.

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large image no1

Rear view of MLE harness showing D-rings, X-strapping, carrying handle.

large image no2

Detail of the integrated side pocket with zip.

large image no3

Detail view of the inner section of the MLE, with 3 single magazine pouches and retaining elastic.

large image no4

Front of the yoke with a poch attached for extra storage space.

large image no5

Detailed view of upper rear part of shoulder harness. Hydration carrier attached to D-rings not included.

large image no6

Closeup of the front buckles. The rig can be quickly release if caught, and makes adjustment over the shoulders and sides easier.

large image no7

The MLE harness is designed to also act as a stand alone chest rig. Here the MLE has been adjusted to fit across the chest and still give access to the magazine pouches located inside.

large image no8
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What our customers say about this product:

Absolutely fantastic piece of kit, very comfortable and good weight distribution thanks to the X style harness. You also don't suffer from the discomfort of extreme heat like most molle vests. One of the most versatile vests I have, I've used this at various times as a chest rig, low drag rig and fully packed out rig with butt pack & hydration pouch and it performed perfectly in all contexts. Really for the money one of the best rigs on the market. - Submitted by Lee

A superb piece of equipment! Whilst it has various options in how it can be worn, I personally prefer it in the lower slung mode and what a fantastic job it does. On the rear plate (across the shoulders) I have a medium pack mounted with a hydration pack underneath and both work well and are totally accessible. On the left front side I have 4 mag pouches, a pistol mag pouch and a respirator case and on the right front I have a small pack and a pistol holster. A radio pouch is fitted to the front left yoke. All bits and pieces are attached via the MOLLE strap and clip arrangement. Fully loaded the weight is spread evenly and it is possibly the most comfortable webbing, tac-vest, chest rig thing I have ever worn!! A brilliant buy! - Submitted by SteveM I have little to add to what was already said - fantastic and versatile rig, and a steal for the quality of the workmanship. On mine, two columns of MOLLE are slightly too tight, but nothing serious. Works well standalone, with a MAP attached to the rear MOLLE, or with a backpack. One of my favourite rigs! - Submitted by Chris I love this kit and have used it for almost 2 years now. This new version improves on a few things, but I would have liked to have seen some reinforced stitching where the yolk is stitched to the cummerbund. After a year of light use (airsoft) the stitching gave out. Otherwise it is a great piece of kit. - Submitted by Drew Had this rig for about 3-4 yeras now. Waht can I say,,, it's brilliant. I use it as a recon rig. It's so easy to set your loadout on it. It's been through woods, sand, urban CQB work, and it's still going strong... If you want a high speed low drag loadout rig then I would seriously look at this... AWESOME KIT! - Submitted by Shaun Oakman, AKA: VOODOO

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