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Tan Commando Watch Strap

The tan commando watch strap is made from 1 1/4 inch (3cm) nylon webbing. The arm band webbing is the same type as used in heavy duty harnesses, and is high strength whilst remaining soft and flexible. The arm band wraps around the wrist and is held in place with double velcro, both inside and outside, for security. The watch is retained by a thread-through 20mm strap similar to the NATO thread through style. This has a small degree of stretch to enable the watch to remain secure but also be able to yield slightly when the wrist is flexed. The thread through strap is finished with velcro and secures onto a velcro strap located toward the bottom of the watch face. A web strap cover finishes off the watch strap, and this is secured over the face of the watch with velcro. This helps to protect the face and watch glass from scratches and bumps, but also helps to reduce glare or light emission from the watch if a self-luminous watch is being worn. Picture shows the strap fitted with a Traser H3 titanium watch for illustration purposes only. The watch is not included in the price. Sizes available are Girl (S), Boy (M), Wrist Warrior (L).

Available options are: S , M , L .

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large image no1

The strap with the cover over the watch face.

large image no2

Detailed view of the double velcro to secure the watch onto the arm.

large image no3

A side view showing the profile of the strap, the wrist retention and the watch face with cover.

large image no4

What our customers say about this product:

Awesome Product...My strap had snapped, was carrying my watch around in my pocket, not really wanting to put a boring leather strap back on to it. Saw these, and figured at that price why not?...Watch fitted in nice and easy, it's incredibly comfy to wear, and looks great. I got the Large, and even with my skinny wrist it fits great, probably could have gotten away with a medium. Another stunning product from Flecktarn...Thanks muchly! - Submitted by Jokeshoppus

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