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... Genuine British Army issue Peltor H61FA folding ear defenders for small arms training. The ear defenders are in Nato olive green and are mounted on a quality stainless steel sprung headband which helps to keep the ear pieces ...Tell me More...
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... A single point tactical rifle sling with three point detaching points, made from thick 30mm, tactical nylon strapping. The use of nylon makes the fabric of the sling softer than MOLLE PALS webbing. The sling adjusts from 50cm ...Tell me More...
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... Original issue olive green British Army three point SA80 sling. Made of tough cordura nylon, the three point sling is best designed for the SA80 and M4. It will fit onto any gun where both attachment points for a sling are in ...Tell me More...
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... Magpul Industries Corp floorplate (baseplate) for standard M16 and SA80 magazines. This comes in two parts: a plastic spring plate which fits into the bottom of the magazine and the rubber low profile part which provides the ...Tell me More...
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... Genuine issue British Army speed loader to load 10 round clips of 5.56 ammunition quickly into magazines. The speed loader is made from black plastic which is lightweight and sturdy. The loader's mouth is placed into the top of ...Tell me More...
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... Genuine ex-military, blackened steel clip for five rounds of .303 Lee Enfield ammunition. The clip is marked for use with the Lee Enfield No.4 rifle, and additional markings include: War Department Arrow over the letter 'I', Mk ...Tell me More...
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... Olive British Army issue nylon bandolier with five pockets secured with press studs. The bandolier has a nylon strap for quick grab and carry, and each pocket is closed with a popper. The nylon is coated to waterproof the ...Tell me More...
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... Original Sako of Finland box with inner sleeve for 22-250 rifle rounds. Sleeves and divides are largely intact, although some are slightly user trimmed. Marked 'Made in Finland'. Although all care will be taken to ship empty ...Tell me More...
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... Vintage 1960s Western cartridge cardboard box for 45 ACP rounds as manufactured by the Olin Corporation in the USA and sold under the brand name 'Western'. Western Cartridge Company was the trading name of the company formed by ...Tell me More...
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... Area 1000 by Systema original oiless bushings for airsoft AEG version 2 and 3 gearboxes. These can be used to replace Tokyo Marui (or TM compatible brands Classic Army, ICS etc) nylon bushings for seating the upgrade gears. ...Tell me More...
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... Original Systema upgrade set of AEG helical gears with high speed ratio. Original Systema part number ZS-02-07, suitable for substitution into Tokyo Marui (including Classic Army, ICS and other TM compatible brands) Version 2 ...Tell me More...
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