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British SA80 Sling

Original issue olive green British Army three point SA80 sling. Made of tough cordura nylon, the three point sling is best designed for the SA80 and M4. It will fit onto any gun where both attachment points for a sling are in the form of a wide rectangular loop, or for which carabiners are not required. Sling consists of two straps, clipped together by a fastex buckle. Rear of sling is looped to allow for the rifle to be hung when not in use. Some slings may be dusty from use/storage.

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What our customers say about this product:

Guys, I used this sling as a member of the British Army with SA80 during the nineties and I've since moved out to Australia and used the sling with an F88 Austeyer in Afghanistan and Solomon Islands. The sling is excellent for use with either weapon. It allows you to adjust and carry the weapon slung comfortably at the right length to bring it into play quickly when needed. Because you can release the fastex clip it allows you to release the weapon quickly to get more length in the sling, but because the loop remains around you, an adversary cannot run away with it without first trying to take the loop from around you. In Internal Security type situations, it allows you the same security, because someone cannot snatch your weapon and run away with it. In these days, where we are all ruled by the "Rules of Engagement", this added security is paramount. - Submitted by Jock

As an ex British infantry soldier i used this sling with the sa80 in 96 to 99 in n.ireland it keeps the weapon supported comfortably at close quarter grip and will release to full length quickly when you reach contact very easy to use and effective - Submitted by ian77efc

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