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Beret Size 56

Used berets from German and British forces. Made of knitted wool to permit shaping to the head when wet. Leather sweatband with drawcord to tighten the beret around the top of the crown if required. Internally cotton lined, although some British forces berets have the lining removed for closer shaping or to reduce heat. Some berets have the drawcord removed. British forces berets are smaller profile than German forces berets. German forces are permitted the smaller profile beret, but call them commando style berets. British forces berets have a cut slot for slip-in beret badges, German forces berets have the four holes for German style beret badges. Size 56. German Army Black beret for Mounted Troops (Panzer and Fernspaher units) shown below.

Available options are: Black , Green , Maroon , Navy , Tan .

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large image no1

German Medical Corps Blue

large image no2

German Infantry, Mountain Troops and Mounted Infantry (Panzergrenadier, Gebirgsjaeger) Green.

large image no3

British SAS Tan

large image no4

German Airborne (Fallschirmjaeger) and Army Air Corps (Heeresflieger) Maroon.

large image no5

German Military Police and Support Troops Red (Feldjaeger, Nachschub).

large image no6
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This is a cheap, hardwearing beret, available in several colours. Highly recommended for all people, new and experienced! Can't wait until I get one - Submitted by sam

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