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Brown YDS British Forces Patrol Boots

Patrol boots made to British MoD specifications for light weight by Turkish brand YDS in UK MoD brown. The boots are part of the YDS Kestrel series, and have a tough cowhide upper and heel with Cordura leg, 8 lacing points with standard eyelet on the upper, retention and tensioning at the top of the foot and speed lacing eyelets on the leg. A directly moulded, assault style sole adds stability and grip on both road and off road surfaces. High tongue with deep cushioning provides comfort when laced tight. The top of the boot is cushioned. These have been manufactured on contract to the UK MoD, and are in good used condition. Some may have some discolouration from the original brown due to polishing or light scuffing on the leather surface.

Available options are: 7 , 8 , 10 .

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large image no1

The boots as seen from the front.

large image no2

The cushioned collar is faced with leather.

large image no3

The top of the leg is profiled so the back of the calf has more room to move.

large image no4

The outer side of the boot.

large image no5
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