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Olive 2 Litre Hydration Bladder PEVA Wide Fill Cap

The 2 litre hydration bladder with food rated PEVA vinyl features high quality construction, double heat sealed seams and reinforced joins to the filler cap, handle and hydration lead. The 9cm diameter wide filler cap is a screw down cap with easy open grip and is mounted in front of the carry handle for easy handling whilst refililng and reclosing. The vinyl bladder is clearly marked with fill levels. The bladder is no-smell, no-taste and anti-microbial for user protection, with operating temperature from -20 C to 50 C, and to keep drinks cool, it is possible to include ice cubes with the drinking water. It is not recommended for fruit juices, alcoholic drinks and milk drinks. The hydration lead is 105cm long, including the drinking valve, and is made from anti-microbial flexible plastic. The lead screws into the bladder and can be easily detached for cleaning. Detaching the lead automatically closes the shut-off valve located in the lead connection point on the bladder. The drinking end of the valve includes a protective cap, bite valve and pull on-push off valve for additional protection against unwanted leaks. Two loops are located at the top and one loop at the bottom of the bladder as attachment points to keep the bladder from sliding down into the bottom in a hydration carrier or rucksack. Olive coloured bladder and lead is less visible when used in stalking and stealthy outdoor activity. Packed in sealed packaging during transport, first rinse before use recommended.

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The drinking lead is easily detached for cleaning. An auto shut-off valve located in the connection point on the bladder enables detaching of the lead even if there is liquid in the bladder.

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The back of the bladder is plain.

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Large carry handle makes refilling and closing easier. It can also be used to fit the bladder into a purpose hydration carrier rucksack with a 9-10cm opening.

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The filler cap has its own seal and a plastic strap to prevent loss.

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The bite valve is also fitted with pull on-push closed valve to prevent unwanted leaks.

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