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WW2 1942 M1 Springfield 30 06 Inert Round

A single inert round in US military calibre M1 30 Cal (30-06 Springfield) in a WW2 1942 dated casing with period DEN 42 US military markings and a modern FMJ bullet tip. Casings have dents in the side and shoulders from age and storage. Primer has been fired and is indented. Perfect for film, display, diorama or to add authenticity to a British or Commonwealth military display or for a collection of historical cartrdiges. Cases are brass. Please note that all rounds have no propellant or live primers. This is a deactivated .303 bullet. To restore a shiny finish, rub the cartridge with toothpaste or a commercial cleaner. Please note that price is for ONE round only. NB: All inert ammunition travelling OUTSIDE mainland UK must be shipped by international courier (eg TNT, DHL).

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The rounds are headstamped with DEN 42.

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The size of the round compared to a coin.

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