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7.65 Browning Round Nose Inert Round

The 1900 Browning automatic pistol was a ground breaking development in an era that was still dominated by revolvers, and proved to be highly popular, with more than 700,000 sold between 1900 and 1912. The automatic pistol had a removable magazine inserted into the handle that could hold 7 rounds and a further round could fit in the chamber, giving the user 8 rounds over the revolver's 6. It was also small, compact and mechanically less complicated than the revolver. The 7.65 Browning round, also known as 32 ACP, was high powered enough to operate a blow back mechanism, but light enough to not require a locking breech mechanism. .32 calibre rounds were also highly popular as self defence and police calibres at the beginning of the 1900s, and the 7.65 Browning was in direct competition with the highly popular 32 Smith and Wesson revolver round. Price is for one round only. Inert rounds may not be shipped by Royal Mail or air mail, and must travel with courier.

Extras available for this dummy round:

An new and unindented brass cup to fit into the primer pocket to give the appearance of a new, unfired round: Small Dummy Primer
Removal of the deactivated, inert primer from the round, leaving a hole or holes in the base that can be inspected to prove the round is inert and free from explosives: Depriming of Round

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The size of the round compared to a coin.

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