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Bulle US Tricolour BDU Shirt NYCO Quarpel

The Bulle MIL-C-3924J US Tricolour BDU shirt is the latest innovation in tactical clothing. Made of genuine issue MIL-C-3924J quarpel treated American cloth, it is wrinkle resistant, machine washable, and colour fast. Quarpel treatment is a water repellent finish which is especially developed for military use. The desert tricolour DCU shirt is ideal for field and tactical wear and is tough enough to stand up to rigorous use. It is patterned on the classic, four pocket US BDU shirt, but with the following improvements: Collar - Left side of collar is extended by approximately 10cm and fitted with velcro so that it can be folded away to look like a normal collar, but can also be folded over the neck and held in place on the right side of collar with velcro. This is similar to the system used on the ACU shirt collar. Shirt button - The top button of the shirt is replaced with a 1cm diameter slotted button. Upper chest - A loop of fabric 3cm long and 2.5cm wide is sewn horizontally about 10cm above the chest pocket. Left and right sides of the loop of fabric are sewn down with reinforced stitching. The top and bottom of each loop is not sewn down on the shirt. These loops are designed to accept a 500g radio microphone clipped into them. Above chest pocket on left and right - A band of looped (soft side) velcro which is 2.5cm wide is sewn directly on top of each chest pocket. The velcro is as long as the top edge of the chest pocket, and is ideal for name tapes and team name. Chest pocket - Chest pockets are not expandable, and are sewn flat onto to the shirt. The chest pocket flaps close each pocket with velcro. An internal pen pocket is located in the centre of each chest pocket, and the top of each chest pocket flap has a gap to allow a pen to be pushed directly into the the pen pocket. Reinforced stitch is present on either side of the gap. This button-less design is to reduce pressure points if body armour is to be worn over the shirt. Front - The front of the shirt closes with a zipper which spans the length that would normally be occupied by the buttons on the standard BDU. The left front of the shirt folds over the zipper and is held in place with three velcro closers spread evenly along the length of the zipper. This is also for reducing pressure points on the body if armour is to be worn over the top. Arm - There is one upper arm pocket on each arm. It is set at an angle, and it is the same size as the chest pocket. It is expandable by 1cm towards the rear of the arm. It is closed with two hidden 1cm diameter slotted buttons, and the outer surface of the flap and pocket is covered with looped (soft side) velcro, similar to the velcro on the outside of the ACU arm pockets. The velcro allows patches for unit insignia, blood type and nationality insignia to be easily attached. Lower Arm - There is a pen pocket on the left arm only, similar to the ACU left arm. Elbows - The elbow reinforcement opens with velcro and has reinforced stitching on either side of the opening. This is similar to the ACU elbow. Wrist - The cuffs adjust with velcro, like the ACU cuffs. Hip pockets - The lower pockets on the shirt are expandable, and close with two 1cm diameter slotted buttons which are hidden. Sizes which are available are: Small (up to 36 inch chest), Medium (up to 40 inch chest), Large (up to 43 inch chest), XLarge (up to 48 inch chest), XXLarge (up to 51 inch chest).

Available options are: S , M , L , XL , XXL .

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large image no1

View of rear of shirt showing the expanding arm pockets and the elbow reinforcement patches.

large image no2

Close up view of the collar and upper chest area. The collar is shown in the upright position. The collar is held in place with a square of velcro. The collar can also be worn open in the traditional BDU style. The top button is a slotted type. Also visible are the tops of the chest pockets. These open with velcro to reduce the pressure points on the body. A strip of velcro is provided over each chest pocket for name tapes and team affiliation. Loops are provided on the upper chest on left and right for attachment of radio comms gear, torch or similar utilites. In the corner of the picture is a partial view of the angled upper arm pocket. These are the same size as the chest pockets and open with slotted buttons for silent operation. They are fitted with large patches of velcro for attachment of unit and other patches.

large image no3

Rear angled view showing the elbow reinforcement which can be opened to accept padding and the velcro cuffs.

large image no4

Side angled view showing the arm pocket, the lower sleeve pen pocket on left arm, and a black whistle clipped into the chest loop.

large image no5

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Quality piece of kit. Really well put together. Would recommend this to anyone. All my guys wear it, and will continue to do so - Submitted by Julian Wilson Combat One

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