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Bulle US NYCO WL Marpat Trousers MCCUU

The Bulle US NYCO Marpat Trousers, or Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) Trousers are an authentic to original, 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester, medium to heavyweight twill trouser. The pants come with the following true to original features: part elasticated waistband, button waist and fly, four-pleat leg pockets instead of traditional BDU pockets, elasticated leg pocket openings, angled knee reinforcement patches, seat reinforcement patches and removal of drawstrings on the ankle hems to prevent unwanted catching or snagging. The knee reinforcement patches open from the inside to allow for the insertion of padding, which is also true to original. The 65% cotton, 35% polyester fabric is quicker to dry compared to a similar weight and weave of 100% cotton. It is also more colourfast and wrinkle resistant than 100% cotton, and will machine wash. The seams are reinforced with double overlock stitching and bar tacked at stress points. The trousers come in sizes S to XXL and can be matched with the NYCO MCCUU shirt in woodland Marpat and NYCO woodland Marpat headwear.

Available options are: S , M , L , XL , XXL .

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large image no1

View of top front of trousers.

large image no2

View of the button fly on the trousers. Also visible is the pleat under the front belt loop which is a feature of the original trousers, and the side elastics.

large image no3

Detailed view of the rear pocket which opens with two buttons. The top of the seat reinforcement patch is also visible, as is the elasticated section on the side of the trouser.

large image no4

View of the top waistband, showing the elasticated section. The pleat on the front is clearer to view, and the hip pocket and rear pocket are also visible.

large image no5

Detailed view of the leg pocket. This is a slightly different design to the standard BDU pockets in that it expands with an extra pleat, and the top of the pocket is elasticated to prevent items from falling out.

large image no6

Detailed view of the leg pocket, opened. The front of the flap is tacked down, like on the original. The rear opens with a hidden button.

large image no7

Detailed view of the reinforced knees of the trousers. These are angled upwards towards the inseam, as per originals.

large image no8

Detailed view showing the seat reinforcement on the trousers. This covers a large area, like the original.

large image no9

The trousers inverted, showing the double overlock stitching on the inseam.

large image no10

Detailed view of the double overlock stitching on the rear seam of the trousers.

large image no11

Detailed view of the inside of the trouser where the knee reinforcement patch is located. The internal pocket allows this to be padded out, and a small drainage hole located on the bottom right of the reinforced area.

large image no12
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What our customers say about this product:

I was impressed with the quality for the price, especially details like the elasticated waist. The fit and comfort are great and the pockets roomy. I'd happily buy another pair. - Submitted by Roger (Cumbria)

Got two sets of these for myself and my mate. Had these for about 2 month, were washed twice and used in three games but the colour has started to fade somewhat giving it a very "used" look. I was expecting slightly better to be honest They're not falling apart at all. Just the colour has washed out. - Submitted by James mcmahon

I've had these for a couple of months now and the colour has started to fade giving it a used look, but I really dont ming it just adds to the realistic look that I go for when i play airsoft. I think that marpat blends better to woodlands due to its earth like tones, and what I did was to get the shirt and boonie as well as the trousers and give the whole thing a tan molle plate carrier and it looks ace. Conclusion: if your're buying for airsoft purposes it's great. It's great quality and great service but the colour does wash out a bit but this makes you look even cooler. - Submitted by William (kent)

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