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US ACU Bulle MOLLE Tactical 72 Hour Pack

The Bulle MOLLE tactical 72 hour pack is a fully MOLLE compatible, front loading pack with extra long 3/4 length zipper enabling items to be drawn from either top or bottom or sides of rucksack. The front, sides and underside are fitted with PALS webbing to enable extra pouches to be added wherever required. The sides also have six compression straps on quick release buckles which help to keep the contents under control. In the interior, there is one large main compartment with internal strapping to help hold contents in place, and a thin document pocket on the inner side of the opening flap, as well as a thin pocket on the back. This can be used to carry a hydration bladder if required. Antenna loops are located on the top to allow an antenna to protrude. A name window is on the inside of the pack, and a large patch of velcro is provided on the outside for name tapes, nationality and unit insignia. The shoulder straps are fully padded and highly adjustable. Hip pads are also provided with MOLLE webbing to enable magazine or utility pouches to be placed on the hip area.

Single Compartment front loaded rucksack with rectangular section, peaking in rounded top. Rectangular area: 33cm long, 31cm wide (across front loading lid from zip to zip), 15cm deep Rounded area: 12cm tall, 31cm wide (at base), 15cm deep Overall height of rucksack 45cm

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large image no1

Side view of the rucksack. Additional large utility pouches can be mounted on these side MOLLE webbing straps, effectively giving the rucksack side pouches. This will not interfere with the opening of the rucksack as this is via the zipper on the front only.

large image no2

View of shoulder strapping and hip pads on the rucksack. The shoulder straps have extra D-rings for carrying View of shoulder strapping and hip pads on the rucksack. The shoulder straps have extra D-rings for carrying hydration View of shoulder strapping and hip pads on the rucksack. The shoulder straps have extra D-rings for carrying hydration or comms leads, and an adjustable chest strap is also provided. The back of the rucksack is padded for comfort. The hip pads have MOLLE to allow for utility and ammunition pouches to be carried on the hips. These are clipped together with a large 50mm wide Duraflex quick release buckle. The shoulders straps also have adjustable strapping on over the top, and this helps to keep the weight evenly distributed on the upper back and waist of the pack, rather than having all the weight sagging towards the lower back, waist and hips.

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View of interior of pack, showing how the front loading works. The zipper is a double zipper and so the back can be opened from the bottom, sides or top. Also shown inside are the adjustable straps on the interior that help to keep the contents in place. The name window is visible on the top flap, as is the document pocket. Another thin pocket is located on the back of the pack which can hold a hydration bladder or similar item.

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What our customers say about this product:

Simply brilliant. I've had this item for over a year now and it never fails. I regularly play Airsoft and can easily pack everything I need either inside or attach to it. I have a complete set of Bulle Molle, from Duty Belt to Armour Plate Carrier and this Rucksack is the one item I could not do without. Simply Brillint. - Submitted by Benjamin Tatt I thought I would review this as there are none from soldiers. This is an ideal size daysack. Its extremely well made, just as good as Blackhawk, Camelbak, Bugout etc. I've owned it for around 4 months now, no signs of wear after a 6 week infantry exercise in Kenya. Perfect for a 2-3 day patrol. Used it for 2 milers, CFT's ect.You can get loads of weight in it and it's a lot more comfy than a bergen or NI patrol pack. I would highly recommend to anyone doing 'real soldiering' - Submitted by Chris

Very well made and thought out bag. The main advantage for me is it is accepted as hand luggage(with no side pouche's) on ANY Air carrier.. - Submitted by Jonny Nicholls This pack is perfect for camping/ hiking/ trekking and the military counterparts. It has a very large capacity and the PALS webbing all over the front, sides and waist straps make the modularity factor a big winner for me. I have also purchased the Fatback, 3L Hydration and Size 1 pouches this pack. This easily gives me a 3-5 day range with no resupply! The back is very tough (1000D Cordura) and the Clamshell opening means you can organise the bag much like a suitcase. The range of straps also gives the pack great stability, both due to the kit being compressed, and the straps easily adjusted to you body. Only criticism is that it has no frame! Great pack for the money, would definatley buy from BULLE/ Flecktarn in the future. - Submitted by JAH

Simply BRILLIANT! i love this backpack! secure, superbly made, easy to adjust, infact, there is so much adjustment on it, i wish the British Army used these!!! My best purchase ever? quite possibly! - Submitted by FJK

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