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US ACU Bulle MOLLE Drop Leg Platform

The Bulle MOLLE large drop leg platform is a bigger version of our highly popular drop leg panel. The platform measures in at 23cm wide and 25cm tall. It is entirely foam padded for comfort and stability. MOLLE cross webbing straps wrap around the left and right edges, so no useable space on which pouches could be mounted is lost. In order to support the load, the platform has two 25mm wide leg extension straps, each on a separate UTX-Flex Stealth quick release buckle. Each strap is separately adjustable, so that the platform can be angled and personalised to fit left or right leg. Two 40mm leg straps hold the left and right sides of the platform in place. These are internally rubberised to provide better grip on the leg. Each strap is elasticated for stretch and is independently adjustable for length. Should the platform be worn high on the leg, there are angled cutaways on the top left and top right of the platform to prevent chafing. Additionally, the leg straps can be fully detached from the platform if only one is required. Platform front has five MOLLE cross webbing straps, and the bottom four each have six loops for mounting MOLLE pouches. The top one has four loops due to the cutaway design. The belt loops are velcro, reinforced with a snap button to stay on the belt. Foam filled platform is more flexible to shape to the leg better. Platform is made of 1000D texturised Cordura. Price is for one platform only. Any accessories shown are for illustration purposes and are not included with the platform.

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large image no1

View of rear of panel, showing the elasticated sections of the thigh straps, and the internally rubberised thigh straps which help to grip the leg and prevent riding.

large image no2

Another view of the thigh straps with rubberised weave.

large image no3

Closer view of the rubberised woven portion of the thigh strap.

large image no4

Another view of the rubberised woven section of the strap.

large image no5
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